The Lament of a Former European

by Flesh Eating Foundation



Released on 31st Jan, the day the UK leaves the EU. After years of procrastination and division, it seems we are leaving with a sigh and a shrug of shoulders. Half the population wanted something, the other half wanted something else. Personally I would rather be part of the union, but it is important to me to respect the views of others. I have lost no friends over this as we have been big enough to agree to differ. Dignity, respect and community will I hope win through. That said, we live in a free country, with free speech, so alongside any celebrations some of the population may be planning, here is the lament of someone who didn't really want to leave the EU.


We were never united, so divided we will fall
Solidarity rejected, we now begin to erect a wall
Peacetime nations we stand together no more
Because of paranoia and lies with little truth at all

The colours in the Union Jack now reek of stupidity
As some of us reject the offered hand of any other ethnicity
Have we taken back the power we no longer deserve?
Or was that another delusion, obviously absurd

We now lay ourselves at the mercy of giants from distant continents
Rubbing their hands in glee as they laugh at our predicament
So we gaze towards a future that feels somewhat dystopian
This is my lament, that of a former European


released January 31, 2020


all rights reserved



Flesh Eating Foundation Stafford, UK

Out of the static and white noise appear Flesh Eating Foundation, we’re talking electro punk for misfits and horror junkies. With three releases already committed to those shiny round disks 'Seethe' (2007) 'Purging' (2008) and 'Dead Shall Rise' (2010) we are now ready for the evolution. The 'So Yeah' EP is released on 1st December 2011 on saucy 7", compact disc and digital formats. ... more

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